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Physiotherapy Services

General physiotherapeutic services are provided.

More specifically, the following treatment modalities are available should you and your physiotherapist decide that it is the appropriate treatment regime for you:

  • Holistic physiotherapeutic evaluation
  • Massage therapy
  • Sports massage
  • Scar massage
  • Lymph massage and drainage including lymphatic pump.
  • Miofascial release
  • Maitland mobilisation of both peripheral joints and spinal vertebrae.
  • Spinal as well as peripheral joint (shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and ankle joints) manipulation
  • Peripheral joint manipulation
  • PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular fascilitation)
  • Fascial mobilisation
  • Neural mobilisation
  • Hot pack therapy
  • Cold pack therapy (cryotherapy)
  • Traction – lumbar and cervical
  • Ultrasound
  • Laser Therapy (Unilaser 201)
  • Interferrential therapy ( other currents such as Russian current available on unit)
  • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.)
  • Nebulisation
  • Postural drainage
  • Percussions &/ vibrations
  • Active cycle of breathing therapy
  • General deep breathing exercises
  • Suctioning
  • COPD rehabilitation
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Bio-mechanical assessment and gait analysis
  • Kinetic handling
  • Exercise bicycle
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Postural rehabilitation including treatment regimes for scolioses, kiphoses and lumbar lordosis.
  • Stretching
  • Theraband exercises
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Craniosacral therapy (CS1)
  • Wax bath
  • Neurodevelopmental therapy and rehabilitation
  • General rehabilitation (post sport injury or stroke etc.)
  • Wheelchair adjustments and basic wheelchair seating.
  • ASA level 1 Coach (Sprints and Hurdles)
  • Referral to appropriate medical specialists or other health care practitioners should the need arise.

Always remember to discuss your concerns with your health care practitioner. Communication is crucial both before, during and after treatments.


address Unit 105 A, Medical Suites, Office Top Floor, Corner of 95 Bram Fischer Drive & George Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg.

Location directions:
Take Republic off William Nicol Road, turn left in Bram Fisher drive, turn right into George street (3rd road on right) and Bram Fischer Complex is immediately on your left. Park anywhere and use lift or stairs to Office floor. Stairs are behind the cell phone shop on the shop floor.

Take Boundary Road off Malibongwe Drive. Turn left into Bram Fischer drive, turn left into the Bram Fischer Complex just after you pass the intersection at Will Scarlet Road, second shopping centre on your left just before George Road. Park anywhere, use lift or stairs behind the cell phone shop. Medical Suites are on the office floor.


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